About SigEp 

Strengthening character, building leadership skills, and forming lifetime friendships that lead to success in college and beyond

The Balanced Man PRogram

The BMP offers a unique support system and structure to daily college life at SigEp chapters. Focusing on skills brothers don't learn in the classroom, the BMP provides ample opportunity for personal growth and development of close bonds. The BMP is greatly aided by alumni, volunteers, and various other members.

As part of the BMP, Duke SigEp was proud to announce the introduction of the Balanced Man Scholarship in 2016. The scholarship is given to exceptional prospective members who the chapter sees as embodying the the spirit, values, and ideals of SigEp. 

SiG EP Rush

The Duke fraternity rush process begins in the Spring Semester each year. Beginning with a fraternity-wide open house in our section, potential new members get a sense of what daily life as a SigEp brother looks like. Rush offers opportunities to play sports, participate in philanthropy, eat meals, and form friendships with brothers that may last a lifetime.