Fall 2017 Updates

Wellness Week

This year, we took Wellness Week a step further by leveraging the many resources Duke has to offer. Under the leadership of Chris Hill, the new Wellness Week chair, and Matthew Conley, the current VP of Member Development, SigEp worked with Duke’s Wellness Center (DuWell) to offer programs on sexual health and wellness and responsible alcohol use. These programs, alongside our members’ stories and advice, led to an incredibly successful Wellness Week. Because of the great response by our chapter to the programs put on by DuWell, we plan on offering a few more programs throughout the spring semester.


Our philanthropy program has undergone an exciting transformation in recent months. Looking for a cause to rally behind in the long-term, our philanthropy team initiated a multi-round voting process in the early fall to select a charity that would be the focus of our fundraising efforts for years to come. Suggestions came from a number of brothers who spoke up for a number of causes that resonated with them including mental health, veterans affairs, education, poverty alleviation, and international development. The winner, with more than 50% support in the final round of voting: The Prostate Cancer Foundation. Our team is currently developing a long-term fundraising strategy, and we look forward to hosing fundraising events such as a golf tournament and home run derby in the coming months.

In the meantime, NC Gamma has remained committed to addressing emerging issues. This past October, a number of brothers were moved by the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a prompt meeting, our philanthropy team quickly organized a week-long fundraiser that raised nearly $3,000 for victims of the shooting and their families. Support for the cause on campus was overwhelming. While we remain committed to the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the long term, we will continue to stand ready to act in response to emerging issues in the future.

Chapter Recognitions

Throughout this past year, we have been honored with many awards from both Sig Ep Nationals and Duke. At the annual conclave, our chapter’s executive team, led by President Joseph Vosburgh ‘17, received the Best Chapter Leadership Award. Vosburgh also was awarded Most Outstanding Chapter President from Duke’s Order of Omega. We were honored with Most Improved Chapter because of our commitment to member development and strong brotherhood. Individual members of our chapter were inducted into the Order of Omega Society, which recognizes top 3% of greek leaders who have made a significant campus and chapter impact: Jake Son, Sean Gilbert, and Teddy Bartlett. Teddy Bartlett ‘18 was elected Executive Vice President of Duke’s Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Matthew Conley ‘19 was elected Vice President of New Member Education. We are extremely proud of our chapter and brothers for these honors. We look forward to continuing the same dedication for leadership and excellence throughout the 2017-18 year.



Help Us Reach Our Goal

We are in the process of reinstating our Non-Profit status as a fraternity and need some help in doing so. We are looking to raise $1500 to finish the process. Any donations are greatly appreciated. 

Currently, we accept direct donations through Venmo: @Duke-SigEp

If you have any questions about NP status or alternate ways to donate, do not hesitate to reach out to Ben Thier, the Vice President of Communications, at benrthier@gmail.com

Thank you for all the help!

President's Note

I’m truly honored to write to you all as the President of Sigma Phi Epsilon’s NC Gamma Chapter. Since joining in the spring of last year, this organization has changed my life in remarkable ways. It humbles me deeply to be fortunate enough to lead such an amazing group of people.

As the year winds down and we say our farewells to an unforgettable senior class, it’s important to look back on all the strides we have made as a chapter this past semester. Just a few weeks ago we held a silent auction and hosted a concert to raise money for the ENO River Association, a local non-profit that helps maintain and protect one of North Carolina’s greatest treasures. Following an ambitious commitment to improve each member’s individual wellness and focus more closely on mental health, we have created and pursued a number of events and workshops to help us tackle this issue.

It was great seeing so many of you at our various events this semester. I would like to give a special thank you to SigEp Class of 2012, who came out in force to our events during alumni weekend. We always love reconnecting with our older brothers, and continue to consider alumni relations a top priority. That being said, a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon is a brother for life. We welcome any and all who are in the area to stop by our section or reach out for a more official visit. Whether you’d like to give a career talk to the chapter, hang out with current brothers or even take advantage of a free brunch at Marketplace, our door is always open.

- Benjamin Kaeser '19